01 March 2010

Rolling with the Nannies

On Friday, I found a mom group. Well, not exactly, but I did find a happy place. A place where my 2 year old wasn’t the only tornado running around and where I wasn’t the only adult shouting “No, don’t touch that Honey,” or “Come back here please, Buddy.”

We were at a nearby playground and then the mall. K and I met his best bud Little S and S’s nanny for a bit of a run around and lunch. It’s a typical play date for K & S, and their nannies, but new to me. Don’t get me wrong - I’ve taken K to the park and the mall before.  It was a different experience to walk along with all of the nannies, to see the crazy variety of caregivers out there, and to share in the usual trials and tribulations of chasing after a kid on a weekday morning.

And, not only did I get to enjoy a little childcare camaraderie, but I saw a possible long-term solution for my (totally platonic) nanny love-affair: Elder Care.  Quite a few nannies are also trained in, or transition to assisting the elderly.

Yup. So that’s my plan: keep having kids until I need Dear A to stick around and take care of me. And lets face it, if that plan actually panned out. I would need someone to take care of me. I’d be exhausted and possibly insane.

PS - Sorry for the lack of Friday FAQ post, but I'm lacking in FAQs! Send your questions or comments to shortysho[at]hotmail.com or in the comments below. Thx!

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