25 March 2010

Don't Leave Home Without Her - Nanny on Vacation

We're breaking new ground, taking Dear A on vacation with us, and as usual, I am worrying about how it will work.

We're travelling to Vancouver for a wedding and I've asked Dear A to care for K on the nights when events don't include children. We had planned to pay for her flight, but she is instead taking some extra vacation days and using her Air Miles. It works out well for Dear A because she has to travel to Vancouver to renew her passport. Our vacation plans saved her from having to wait in line for two days this weekend, unlike 5000 other Filipinos in Alberta.

Anyway, we've never travelled together so I'm trying to work through the intricacies of the situation. Here's what I've got sorted so far:
  1. We're paying her regular weekly wage
  2. I've told her ahead of time which days and evenings she needs to babysit for us, about 50% of our time together
  3. I've booked a condo where she can have her own room and bathroom
  4. We'll pay a per diem for food and transportation costs while she is there, plus we'll be stocking the condo
  5. We'll pay for any roaming/long distance charges while she's with us, since I'd like her to have her phone activated
Its going to be expensive but I couldn't figure out any other way to balance enjoying the wedding, where I'm maid of honour, and enjoying some family vacation time. I'd love your recommendations, thoughts etc on this. Please email me shortysho[at]hotmail.com or comment below!


Big Mama said...

I have been in a similar situation where our nanny had to travel with us to Winnipeg for a wedding here is waht we did. We drove so covered all travel expenses and food while on route. We paid her her regular hours for the 4 days even though she only worked about 14 hours in total while we were gone. She was responsible for her cell bills and we gave her $50/day for food where we were not around to pay for her to eat with us.

Shorty said...

Thanks Big Mama!

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