04 March 2010

A Different Kind of Guilt - Referrals

I have a fantastic relationship with my nanny placement agency. The owner/principal is a friend and former neighbour. I recommend her wholeheartedly whenever someone asks “Where did you find your nanny?”

About a year ago I recommended the agency to someone in our lives, who I will call Anonymous. Our relationship is already a touchy situation – I don’t always get along with her etc, but its not like you can lie or demure on the question when someone knows pretty much everything about you. So I told the truth and then immediately called my friend the agent to apologize, provide fair-warning etc.

Fast forward a few months:
Anonymous is constantly complaining about her nanny, wants a new one etc etc, driving my friend crazy. Few more months, she stops dealing with my friend, fires the nanny with not a lot of notice, drops the kid into daycare and goes to another agency to have a new nanny com from overseas. Present day: kid is still in daycare, no nanny in sight, and now she’s complaining about the daycare workers. Basically NUTSO. My friend's agency escaped relatively unscathed, but I know Anonymous isn’t giving her good reviews.

So, there’s my guilt and my next poll topic. How would you recommend I handle these types of requests in the future? Vote in the sidebar.
  • Refer – Its not your fault if it goes South
  • Lie – The agency is closed, not taking new clients etc.
  • Truth – I’m not comfortable referring, sorry


Anonymous said...

I can guarantee that the agent doesn't care that Anonymous is giving her bad reviews because anyone in that woman's life, the agent doesn't want to know or deal with anyway...

Anonymous said...

By asking yourself the question you have a moral standanrd that most of us wish to achieve. I agree with the previous posting and say provide the referral . You can't make all people happy and if they have most clients report back that they are happy they have done their job. So what is the name of that agency - I am interested. I have to make a change and need to replace my current nanny. Would you share the name on line?

Shorty said...

Hi Anonymous, I use www.nannyconnection.ca.

Anonymous said...

I also agree that you should provide the referral; this is how she will grow her business. As a business owner you have to be prepared to deal with a myriad of personalities, and sadly they won't always be nice. There is always going to be that "person" in your life whether it be at work, a neighborm even a family member, who is difficult and probably not so nice. The bonus is that others will also know this about them; so I know that when I get a bad review from this kind of person, I always accept it with a bit of skepticism and follow up.

Anonymous said...

Used Nanny Connection as well, FABULOUS experience. Would recommend her to anyone, but I agree, if it's a "not-so-good" customer, I like the "agency is closed" version :)

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