09 March 2010

Daddy vs. Nanny

Today is the last day of a week and a half of Daddy duty with K. This isn’t as scary as it sounds.

Because I was a consultant without maternity leave, K was his dad’s responsibility for the first 7 months.  After that 7th month, we had Dear A.

With Dear A on holiday, we're using vacation time to care for K. And I’ve noticed a few things with Daddy Duty this time around:

First, I’m getting a lot more weekday calls from my husband. The first few days I was getting maybe 3-4 calls a day? Him calling me. That’s more than he calls me in a week. The scary part isn’t so much that K’s dad is in charge of K, more that he is in charge. And its not scary for me, but it seemed to be scary for him. He was calling to clear stuff with me: outings, meals, grocery items. Its become obvious that since Dear A has been around, he's kind of been dialed out of that aspect of planning our life. I'm not saying this is a bad thing, just something that happened once we got a nanny. Something we hadn't been attuned to. Point: Nanny

We’ve also seen the resurgence of the King of Swears. My husband assures me he's been very careful with his language, but the recent litany of “Oh F*ck”s K sang to me begs to differ. Point: Nanny

Lastly, but definitely most important, is that K has gotten much closer to his dad again this week. Instead of the usual momma’s boy attitude we face, he’s been asking for Daddy to handle everything from “socks on” to meals (or the toddler equivalent: two crackers, one spaghetti noodle and a bite of banana.) Point: Daddy. Bonus Points for how happy it makes me.

“No Mummy, I need it the Daddy.”
Pretty great.

PS - Photo courtesy of This Life photography

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