10 March 2010

Hump Day Distraction - Gifts for Your Nanny

Dear A’s been with us for almost 2 years now. We’ve celebrated 2 Christmases and 1 birthday with another birthday coming up soon. For each occasion, I try to get her something special. My list of a few Do s and a Don’t is below.

On a related note, I received a question from a blog reader and thought it would make a good poll topic. She asked:

"Should employers pay for a trip home every couple of years or not?"

I thought this was a great question because I'm sure, like me, many of you struggle with how to handle bonuses.
Before Dear A won a zillion Air MilesTM I toyed with the idea of paying for a trip home, rather than a cash bonus. I ended up going with the bonus simply because flights were so expensive it was out of the question for our budget. But, I'd like you to share your thoughts, so on to the next poll!

Nanny Gift Do s
  • Personalized pendant  - These are all the rage for Mom’s. We got Dear A a pendant with her name & K’s, from this site.
  • Webcam, Digital Camera, Laptop – Depending on your budget, anyway to help your nanny stay connected with friends and family back home is great.
  • Gift Certificates – For restaurants, movies, the mall. If your nanny is anything like Dear A, weekends are spent socializing with other nannies. Gift certificates that can cover part or all of their costs are appreciated.
And a Don’t
I don’t think I need to be explicit, but don’t get your nanny childcare related items. Its like getting a vacuum cleaner as an anniversary present.

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Kathryn Smith said...

Oh, speaking of airmiles - if Dear A hadn't won a gazillion airmiles, maybe other employers might consider using their own airmiles? That way, it doesn't REALLY cost anything, right? (aside from your own personal bonuses...) I guess having a points card or something would help... *shrug*

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