15 March 2010

Be Aware of Nannies Bearing Gifts

Dear A is home! K was so excited he attempted a somersault and failed, I think mostly so he could solicit comfort and cuddles from her.

I was excited too! Not only did Dear A return on the first workday back after the daylight savings time, (AKA: worst way to start a work week ever) but she came bearing gifts: t-shirts for the boys and a “designer” purse for me. I love the presents, but always feel a little embarrassed to accept them because I know that Dear A has just spent a ton of her hard earned money at home.

You see, when a nanny goes home, she goes bearing gifts. Its expected, and she is usually also expected to foot the bills for any celebration, occasions, festivities while she is there. She’s the ‘rich’ North American now. It’s a cruel irony that even stops caregivers from going home. While they may have enough money to get home, the expenses when they get there can break the bank.
Dear A has a family wedding in a few months, and the miles to get there, but I know her other costs are a serious consideration.

Just another slice of the immigrant experience for you to know….


Miss Su said...

Good to know! My nanny is going home in a couple of months and I know she is already sending a huge box home ahead of her bearing gifts. Now I have a bit more understanding of why.

Shorty said...

Wait til she asks for the bathroom scale to weigh her suitcases, Miss Su....

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