27 March 2010

Guardian Nanny

Because I have a nanny, I’m of course interested in stories about nannies in the news. Last week in Kentucky, a nanny ran through fire to save the little boy she cares for.

It reminded me of the heartbreaking story of Moishe Zvi whose parents were murdered by terrorist during the November 2008 attacks on Mumbai. His Indian nanny, Sandra Samuels, saved Moishe’s life and ended up moving to Israel to stay with him.
Both stories really hit on something I truly believe. Nannies are unique in the domestic employment world. An integral part of their job is to love their charges. Think about that…. People love their jobs, sure, but not like this.

Then, I got to thinking about parents dying and guardianship of your kids. Never pleasant, but its something every parent needs to consider. We’ve worked out guardianship for K, and did include instructions and finances recommending that Dear A stay in K’s life, but I never considered giving Dear A any rights.  I’m wondering if this should be considered? Vote in the poll or comment below!

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