19 March 2010

Friday FAQ - Recapping Trips and Fines

This Friday, I'm going back to my questions - the polls. I'm still getting the hang of blogging, and blog gadgets in particular. I haven't figured out how to archive polls. Until I do, I thought I'd recap and share the results in a post.

In the first poll I asked "Who should pay library fines?""Me, The Nanny, or Both Share," after learning that Dear A and Kiran had racked up quite a bill. In the end we had 11 responses:
  • 8 for Me paying
  • 3 for Sharing the fines and,
  • 1 "Other" who suggested I set up a 'swear jar' for Potty-mouth K and garnish future allowance to pay the fines!
I have to admit, I wasn't really surprised by the results (other than the ingenious swear jar idea.) They pretty much reinforced my gut feelings. I'm going with it (you) and paying any fines incurred. I'm also keeping a closer eye on the book bag after Friday Story Time at the library. Especially last weeks, since K went with Daddy.

The second poll wasn't as enlightening - I'm going to take the "Maybe" options away, you readers are way too diplomatic! When discussing gifts for nannies, a reader had asked "Should employers pay for a trip home?" We had 15 votes come in before the poll closed:
  • 2 votes for Yes, its the least we can do
  • 2 votes for No, that's too much
  • 10 votes for Maybe, if you can afford it, and
  • 1 vote for Please don't you'll make the rest of us look bad
I'm with whoever chose "Please don't, you'll make the rest of us look bad" because I'm thinking, if we do end up in a situation where changes in the live-in caregiver program limit the number of nannies available, I won't be able to compete!

Anyway, there's the recap, and thanks to everyone who voted!

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