18 March 2010

Foreign worker abuses on rise - Alberta

I posted an article a few days ago, from the US, about a school principal, who essentially coerced several Filipino teachers in buying make-up from her business, taking their credit card numbers and more. Today, there is an article closer to home. The Edmonton Journal is reporting that the NDP has found that foreign-worker abuses are on rise in Alberta. While this article doesn't detail explicit abuse like the Baltimore case, but it does bring up two things to note:

Firstly, the province is conducting inspections. In my experience, when this type of stuff hits the news, Ministry will increase the number of inspections etc. to show up the NDP critics.

More important, though, is the detail of violations:
"Most of the violations were for things such as failing to pay overtime, statutory holidays and general record-keeping."
To me, this is another reminder to keep my books in a row. As employers, we have to make sure payroll, taxes, contracts, permits and schedules are up to date and easy to access. There are services out there for a lot of this, contact me shortysho[at]hotmail.com, or in the comments below, if you want some recommendations.

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