25 February 2010

Not Having a Mom Group Disconnect

One of cons of having a nanny is that you sort of end up lacking a mom group. This is especially noticeable when you’re home with your kid for a prolonged period, like 3 weeks for example.

I went back to work 2 months after K was born, part time at first, and with flexible hours, but never flexible enough to accommodate the usual mid-week, mid-morning mom group activities. I have a few friends with kids, but my closest friends are either TTC or they’re just not there yet. As a result, I have to admit, I’m missing something.

This was very apparent yesterday, when I lost my “Moms - we’re all in this together” perspective. While running errands with K, I encountered a mom with a 4 or 5 year old, who parked her huge SUV too close to my car for me to get K out of his car seat. When I asked her to move her car over to any of the 3 empty spots next to us, she replied, "I'll just be a minute".  I wanted to slap her. Or run her over, since K was still safe in this car seat.

Instead, as we tend to do these days, I turned to the Internet to share my rage. This is what I posted:

“- if I was a full time stay at home mom I'd be in jail for slapping some tw*t. I cannot stand all of the yuppy stay at home moms I run into during the day.”
Today, I can admit I made an assumption, a broad generalization about SAHMs, which wasn't warranted. I know lots of SAHMs who bust their butts everyday to makes sure their kids are not just fed & watered, but also enriched.  But, in our oil-money fueled Cowtown, I’ve also run into a lot of privileged SAHMs who make the “Real Housewives of Wherever, USA,” look like amateurs.

Anyway, it wasn’t fair, I should have just been mad at her for being a selfish jerk. But, I've noticed, it’s difficult to keep your moms-united perspective when you aren’t spending time with moms. Hence the blog, right?

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