05 March 2010

Friday FAQ - Changes to Live-in Caregiver Program

I was getting ready to write a Friday FAQ about food, but while doing tax stuff came across some information about changes to the Canadian Live–in Caregiver Program:

As of April 1 2010, new applications to the program require the employment contract between you and your caregiver (nanny) to describe:
  • employer paid benefits (health care insurance, workplace safety insurance, travel costs and recruitment fees)
  • job duties 
  • hours of work 
  • wages
  • accommodation arrangements (including room and board) 
  • holiday and sick leave entitlements
  • termination and resignation terms
So, beyond the usual contract, employers are now required to pay any recruting fees, travel costs, health insurance and workers compensation benefit insurance. Further details are here and here.

Anyway, I thought this was slightly more relevant than my pasta recipe. I’ll leave you to absorb this info and will get back to you once I’ve got more information on how this affects those of us who already have workers in the home.

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