About Us

This blog written by a 30-something Mom, Wife, Communications Professional, Daughter, Sister, Friend (listed in order of demand) about life with her toddler, husband, pets and above all her nanny!

The Family:

Daddy: AKA Captain Potty Mouth, works full-time for the Canadian Military, also a Communications/PR professional.

Dear A: The lovely nanny, been with us since 2008, Phillipina, previously worked in Hong Kong.

K: Darling Son, born 2007, taught me everything I know about babies, parenting, myself....

Baby Girl: Darling Daughter, born 2011, rapidly making me realize I know nothing about babies, parenting, myself....

Ladybug, George & Minou: Dog, cat, cat AKA the menagerie of adopted or rescued furry babies that lend their love and hair to our home.
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