23 February 2010

Poll - Paying Fines

I’m annoyed. And I’m annoyed that I’m annoyed. And I’m annoyed because if my mom reads this post, she’ll probably pee herself laughing at further proof that the whole “I hope your kids do this when you grow up, and then you’ll learn…” thing has panned out for her.

Took K to the library today, an activity usually reserved for him and Dear A, and discovered a large amount in unpaid fines. The amount was significant enough that I couldn’t borrow anything else without paying it off. Seems that K and Dear A have returned a bunch of books late and even misplaced a few.

I’m debating how to deal with this. Do I just pay the fines and get over it? After all, K is my responsibility, and I should have noticed extra books around the house. Or, do I ask Dear A to pay, since I explained Due Dates and Late Fees when we got the card? I’m leaning towards the former, partly because Dear A’s away for 3 weeks and by the time she returns it will be old news etc.

Give me your opinion? I’ve set up a poll in the sidebar today. Vote, and if you have more to say, add it in the comments below.


Shorty said...
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Amanda Bauldry said...

A big part of me wants to say A....but I think it is one of those pick your battles scenarios. However, it is, without a doubt, something that needs to be brought up. Perhaps when they get home from the library the due date can be marked on the calendar, then at least you will be both be able to see the looming due date, and it won't be a constant questioning of whether your name is being dragged through the mud in the library staff room....;)

It is a frustrating event nonetheless, and one can't help but question if this is the tip of something deeper that may be a concern...

Anonymous said...

"Other option": Let the little man pay for his own fines by setting up a swear jar for him. You'll end up with the funds to pay off those fines in no time!


Anonymous said...

I would pay for it this time, but go with A to the Library and have a card set up in her name. That way all future fees are her responsiblity. I can't see how you'd really be able to notice extra books in your house and know instantly that they are overdue. Of course since it's for K's benefit, you should pay for the library card.

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