13 February 2010

Valentines Day - Grooveshark Dance Party Playlist

I’m not a big fan of Valentines Day. I want flowers and chocolate every day, so supporting Valentines Day seems counter to that cause. With a nanny though, every holiday is an excuse for crafts and learning something.

The plan for this year: colouring cards for the family, learning which shape is a heart, and a dance party at family dinner on Sunday. K’s a big dance party fan. Currently, he’s obsessed with Sugar Sugar by The Archies so its on repeat on both my and Dear A’s mp3 players.

I’m including the short Grooveshark playlist (for a 2 year olds attention span) for you after the jump:

If you don't have these tunes, you can stream from your computer using Grooveshark. I've already built the playlist here. If you haven't used Grooveshark before, I highly recommend it. You can spend an entire evening finding and playing everyone's requests. Great family fun night!
Happy Valentines Day!

PS - Just saw this semi-related list on the parentdish blog - love songs to sing to your kids.

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