17 February 2010

Hump Day Distraction - Chalkboard Cheat

My love of stick-on, peel-off, re-positionable, chalkboards started with a set of green crocodiles K got as a Christmas gift. He was just over 1 year old, mostly interested in rolling the tube that housed them around on the floor, but I was instantly impressed. I'd been meaning to look into chalkboard paint for his room, but with my lack of home reno skills, this would likely have happened sometime around his 12th birthday.

These stick-on chalkboards address both my lack of skills and K's lack of interest marvelously. We started with crocodiles in the bedroom, but now have crocodiles and a full board in the downstairs playroom. You can buy the really nice, thicker chalkboard, in all kinds of shapes from Wall Candy Arts, but I had just as much success with a cheap sheet I found at a discount store similar to the ones sold here. Either way, I recommend them, especially if you're like me: 1) lacking painting skills, 2) lazy, or 3) completely undecided about where you want Junior to express their artistic talent.

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