06 February 2010

Ground Rules

If you’re reading this, I’ve likely finally sent out a note about my adventure into blogging. I thought I’d better set some ground rules so you (and I) know what we’re getting into.

I WANT MY NANNY!! is a cry for community. I’ve brought out my stories in a hope to find other like-minded, nanny-enabled parent’s out there. I want us to come together to share our stories and find solace in the fact that even with a nanny, life’s not perfect.

The plan is to attempt a post every other day. Note the use of the word ‘attempt’. If you’re reading this you probably get that life happens. Right? Good. I’m also going to share a few feature posts a week:
  • Hump Day Distractions – where I’ll share online shopping and “can’t live without it” tidbits.
  • Friday FAQ – where I’ll beg the experts I know to answer the questions we have. Guest bloggers will regularly include our Dear A, the nanny, Ms M, our nanny agency owner, plus, if I can convince them, my favorite family doctor, lawyer, financial planner and more.
Ok, that’s it. Feel free to request, criticize, comment and above all praise!

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