16 February 2010

The Potty-Mouth Problem

During one of our recent 'end of day' hand-off conversations, Dear A, quietly mentioned that K had used some "bad words" while they were out. I was mortified. Horrified.

Not about K's potty-mouth - I’m well aware that we, Captain F-Bomb and Mrs Sh*tSh*tSh*t, have spawned a 2 year old with a pretty colourful vocabulary and the wherewithal to use it. Nope, I was mortified that Dear A, our polite, church going, never utters a harsh word, nanny, had been out in public with K, King of the Swears.

I guess they’d been at the library and after dropping a book off the shelf K had very clearly stated, “Oh Sh*t!” When reprimanded, he burst into tears, melted into a tantrum and generally caused a scene. Dear A comforted him, calmed him down, and moved him along to another activity. Later that same outing, when he slipped at the mall play park, K dropped the F-Bomb.

So, mortified me listened, as Dear A reported, and then offered that we could perhaps all work on using the alternative “Oh Shucks!” I sheepishly thanked her and quickly changed the subject to the next day’s plans.

About an hour later, the sheer genius of her plan dawned on me. “Oh Shucks!” That is brilliant! You can say it with a funny accent - a big plus for 2 year olds - and if you stumble in your curse-rehab, its easy enough to transition; “Oh Shii-ucks!”

Now I just have to convince Captain F-Bomb to swear with a weird lisp.

PS - Go Canada Go!!


steph said...

Oh my goodness, thanks for the laugh. I have been trying to quell my own potty mouth during my pregnancy, but realized during a meltdown yesterday that I have had limited success. (My hubby had a dream that our kid came out cursing - our talking newborn's first sentence was "Sh*t dad, be careful!") So I look forward to trying your Dear A's suggested "Oh Shucks"!

Jenny H said...

This is great! I am right there with you... For older first time parents used to freely cursing, this has been quite switch.

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