09 February 2010

Good News for the Nanny Guilt?

Survey results highlighted in a press release issued yesterday indicate that,
"children with a nanny are less plugged into computers, iPods and video games than the national trend." 
Yay! I'm all over these results, totally happy to accept this tidbit against my flood tide of nanny guilt. Then, the sceptic, communications professional in me has a few rebellious thoughts:
  • The "national trend"refers to the USA, so maybe it doesn't pertain to Canada? Nah, close enough, I can swallow that one.
  • The survey was conducted by Nannies4hire.com an online database services that match families with caregivers. The survey results kind of help sell their service.... Ok, well I can chalk that up to a "grain of salt."
In the end, I'm still a "Yay!" My personal experience supports their results. K watches more TV with me and his dad than with Dear A. Hmm...that thought has dropped me back into guilt. Great.

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