20 February 2010

The Day I Hate Having A Nanny

Yesterday was the kind of day I hate having a nanny.

K was sick. He’d had a wet, in his chest, cough for 2 days. He has also inherited my cough-to-gag-to-puke-guts-out reflex. This makes for a pretty sad little man who needs a lot of cuddles. Thing is, he wasn’t cuddling with me. He was with Dear A while I managed back-to-back meetings, co-workers from out of town and wrote a project plan.

Dear A does a great job of taking care of K, but its not the way I would take care of him. Even though he’s sick, they’ve been pretty much doing the usual day-to-day stuff: library, park, play dates - none of which allows for the extra napping I think he needs. But what I think is based on what? Mommy-gut-instinct?

Dear A’s judgment, which I trust, is based on what she’s seen while she’s with him. She was with him yesterday, gauging whether he should go for a walk, or whether he needed a dose of Tylenol, while I was sitting in an meeting miles away, trying to concentrate on design-concepts.  All I wanted to do was to hear if the cough had improved, to feel if K had a fever, to see if I should call for a doctor’s appointment (since it will likely be another 2 days before they can see us.) All I wanted was to not have a nanny caring for K. All I wanted was to HAVE to stay home with my sick child.

Yup, yesterday, I hated having a nanny. I was envious of daycare-parents who, instead of leaving Junior happily at home with their own toys, food, and books each morning, have to rush a toddler out the door, regardless of weather, to someone else’s home, or centre. And, who, when their kid is sick, have no option but to juggle everything and take a sick day too.

Sad. I know. But I’m a mom. And there are days when I hate having the privilege of a career and a nanny I love.

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Su said...

Yes, I've also been there. The days you want to be home with your child, but can't just "work from home" since your boss knows you have a nanny. The days your nanny gets the sick cuddles instead of you.

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