08 February 2010

Winning the Nanny Lottery

Our nanny, Dear A, has won 20,000 Air Miles.

It was one of those rare moments where you feel like something just went right in the world.  Well, if you’re me, after about 2 hours of Googling "Western Union contests" and phoning around, you’re incredulous that something actually went right in the world. Dear A was super cute and excited about it from the start. Once it checked out I was ecstatic. And panicked.

As you know, I love my nanny. Next month, she’s taking an extra week of holiday to go back home to the Phillipines. My husband and I are happily using holiday time to cover her vacation. But, 20,000 Air Miles? That’s a lot of vacation. My thoughts went into overdrive, “What will we do if she wants more time off?” "Can I really say No?" "I can say No, if its unreasonable." "Right?" "But, I wouldn't say No would I?" "Well, if the grandparents are back,  I can ask them." "Can I ask my brother to take time off? He likes the kid...."

A week later, as I was trying to figure out scant vacation times for a road trip to Vancouver for a wedding, Dear A piped up and offered to fly us all, using her Air Miles. I'm not going to take her up on it, but its nice to know there is something right in the world: Our Dear A.

PS: Wanted to share a great thing coming out of the Blogsphere: Organized by the lovely Julie from dinner with Julie, assisted by many others, the Blog Aid cookbook is a collection of great recipes going towards a good cause.
"Twenty-seven food bloggers from around the world have quickly acted on the need for food and aid in Haiti following the January 12th earthquake by compiling a cookbook. Quite possibly the fastest concept-to-publication book in history (the idea came January 14th; the full-colour cookbook, including photographs of each recipe, was completed February 3rd), all proceeds from book sales will support Haitian relief via the Red Cross and Doctors without Borders. On the day of its release, the cookbook raised over $10,000; the Canadian Government will double those dollars, as well as any others raised, until February 12th."
Click on through! Buy a cookbook for yourself! For your friends!

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