20 April 2010

Life Moves Fast, Look Pretty?

In this blog, I tend to share a slice of our life, whatever interesting thing has happened with K, is dad, Dear A and me. I don’t often think to follow up on the aftermath, but I’m sure you get that. Life moves fast, especially with kids. (I wish my statement sounded as cool as Ferris Bueller's. So not.)

Anyway, today, I thought I'd update you:

PS – Toilet Training Derailed
K loves the potty. He loves to play with it, wear it on his head… fancy new Diego potty as enticement = Fail.

PS – Nanny Hits the Road
Dear A has given up on driving, for now. Of course. As soon as I posted and read a great comment from another nanny-enabled mom that gave me some peace of mind and ideas on how to move forward with it.

PS – Nanny Playdate
In case you didn't catch the update in the comments section of that post, one of the childcare courses - on Play, has been re-scheduled to June 3 2010.

PS - Vacationing Nannies
I missed one item on my list of what your nanny needs. Totally my fault. Dear A has a multiple entry visa:
  1. Valid work permit
  2. Valid passport 
  3. Valid entry visa. 
  4. And, if your nanny is connecting through the US they may need a Transit Visa.
Your nanny would have used a multiple or single entry visa when they first arrived in Canada. If they had a single entry, they need to apply for another entry visa. If they have a multiple entry you need to ensure it is still valid otherwise they have to apply again. You need to either apply through the Buffalo Consulate General office or the Canadian Embassy in Manila.

Now on to my favorite update for today: I'm getting a makeover. Well, not me, the blog, but since I consider this blog an extension, kinda me. Anyway, wish me luck with the technical stuff and check out the new look tomorrow!

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