02 April 2010

iPhone Apps and Friday FAQ - Visas for Vacationing Nannies?

Sorry for the lack of posts this week, work got the best of me. To make up for it, today's post is two in one - Hump Day Distraction and Friday FAQ. And, stay tuned tomorrow for my Easter update.

My online distraction right now is iPhone Apps. A few I can recommend for distracting 2 year olds:
  • Pre School Music, $0.99 - Four games in one, your toddler can tap on fish and change them to other animals, tap to make sheep sing, play a piano, or tap birds to sing in a round.
  • Adams's Art Coloring, $1.99 - White and black canvasses, plus "coloring book" images, and the option to 'save' your kid's arts on a refrigerator.
I'm sure there are tons more. If you have a favorite, share it in the comments please! Now on to the FAQ:

Friday FAQuestion from a reader:
I know your nanny went home recently and I have a question - did 
she need to
 apply for a reentry visa or anything ahead of time? (Our nanny) is going home in June so I want to make sure all our ducks are in a row so she can come back here easily. She has a valid Visa and passport.

My Answer, verified by Dear A:
She didn't need a re-entry visa. We provide a letter of support that she takes with her along with her work permit, passport and this year she also took her H1N1 vaccination paperwork because another nanny mentioned they asked her about it in Hong Kong in transit.

The Letter of Support I used:
February 19, 2010

To Whom It May Concern:

(Dear A) is an employee of (My Name). She has been given vacation leave for the purpose of travel to the Phillipines, from Feb 21st 2010‐March 14th 2010.

Upon her return to Canada, she will return to her full-time role as a caregiver.

Further questions regarding this can be addressed to:
(My Name, Address, Phone Number)

(My Signature)

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Shorty said...

I missed one item on my list of what your nanny needs. Totally my fault. Dear A has a multiple entry visa:

1. Valid work permit
2. Valid passport
3. Valid entry visa.

They may have got a multiple or single entry visa when they first came. If they had a single entry, they need to apply for another entry visa. If they have a multiple entry you need to ensure it is still valid otherwise they have to apply again. You need to either apply through the Buffalo Consulate General office or the Canadian Embassy in Manila.

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