13 April 2010

He Likes Me, He Really Likes Me!

K cries when people leave him. He cries when we drop his aunt and uncle off after carpooling to family dinner. He cries when his grandparents head for the door after a quick visit. Most of all, K cries (bawls) when Dear A is done for the day. Huge tears, lots of pathetic “Nooo, my A. My AAAAA….” It’s extremely tragic and devastating.

The only farewell that doesn’t bring the tears each day is when we (Mommy and Daddy) leave for work. Equally tragic and devastating, but this time, for me.

He used to cry when we left and while most of me was relieved when he outgrew it, I can admit that part of me was sad. Add the histrionics everyone else gets on departure and lately it’s been a bit gutting.  But today, everything changed.

After late meetings, and still needing to grab some groceries, I met K and Dear A at a play date. The “Noooo… Don’t do it” tears started as soon as I got to the door and reached for his diaper bag. Likely seeing my frustration, Dear A offered to keep K there a bit longer, while I went to the store. We asked K, “Do you want to stay here with Dear A? Or get dinner and go home with Mummy?” We both repeated it a few times, trying to get K listen through his tears. I thought, for sure, he was going stay but instead, he got up, got his jacket and came to the door. Home. Mummy. He chose me.

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