14 April 2010

In Case of Emergency and Nanny

A nearby city was in dire straits today. A winter storm swept in last night, knocked out power, closed roads and schools and even affected the water supply. Scary stuff.

We don't live in a particularly tornado/earthquake/flood ridden area, so I hadn't given much thought to emergency scenarios. We have some bottled water, granola bars, and I bought an 'emergency pack' from Costco a few years ago that is stored somewhere safe. (By safe, I mean, I have no idea where it is.) Besides arguing with my husband about the need for a firearm in case of total anarchy, (his scenario, not mine)  we've never discussed what we'd do as a family. And now, that family includes Dear A, who may be watching K when something goes down.

So, now, with input from K's dad who's all army and such, here's my plan:
  1. Discuss the possibility of an emergency situation with Dear A, explain that if the power goes out our cordless home phones won't work and the cell lines maybe busy or compromised.
  2. Explain that if they aren't home, and its not safe to come home, stay put, find other kids/moms.
  3. Explain that if they are home to stay put, where emergency supplies are kept, and how to use the radio etc.
Have you made a plan? Share your tips in the comments below.

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Anonymous said...

Great blog. We don't have a nanny yet but are looking into it now.



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