07 April 2010

Hump Day Distraction - Dollar Parity Shopping!

The Canadian dollar hit par with the US dollar yesterday, and is likely going to stay nice and snug to it for the days to come... do you need a better reason to shop online? I don't. I have a few stores I save for this special occasion:

Urban Baby Runway - stocks the coolest kid clothes ever. Seriously, they have an infant fedora.

Nini and Loli - stocks smart and unique stuff, like a puppet cutlery set. Who doesn't need a cutlery set that doubles as puppets?

And, for me: Shop Intuition - stocks the latest trendy accessories and even lists items by 'as seen on so and so celebrity'. The store to hit if you want those amazing sunglasses Nicole Richie was wearing last week.

Guilty pleasures indeed!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Sho, I just ordered from Urban Baby Runway, so cute. From, Sheila

Shorty said...

Your welcome! I'd love to see pic of baby in a fedora! ;-)

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