14 April 2010

Hump Day Distraction - Footie Pajamas

Its grey and cold outside and I've been trying to focus, sit still, and read through thirty technical reports. Worst Hump Day plan ever. I keep imagining how much better everything would be if I was wearing these:

I bought some for a friend as a gift, and am now totally wishing I had treated myself too. Good news is, not only are the PJs fantastic but Pajama City also has super customer service. First, the PJs arrived with a pre-printed returns form, in case you need another size, with no re-stocking fee and a price guarantee. Then, I got an email saying they were refunding $1.80 in shipping charges, because it cost less to ship than they thought. $1.80 isn't a huge refund, but that's kind of the point. They could have kept it, but didn't.
Anyway, I've decided all of this has definitely earned them repeat business, it would only be right for me to buy myself a pair now. Right? ;-)


Anonymous said...

Sho, these are definitley the strangest thing I've seen... Very Cute - I'm not sure hubby would appreciate me wearing these to bed!!

Anonymous said...

My hubby bought me a pair with little piglets on them from Jammerz, and since I am cold from Oct - April I wear then often. Highly recommended!!

SLoves said...

YEAH Adult ONESIE!!!! If I had only read your blog earlier, I would have clued in to what my bday present was!

You're the best sis in the wholewideworld. Love the new look of the blog!


Full disclosure: I may or may not have been wearing something warm, fuzzy and with buttflap when I wrote this. Okay, I was.

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