26 April 2010

Big Shoes to Fill & Freebie Friday Winner

I practically kill myself on the weekends... trying to impress a 2yr old.

Zoo trips, backyard crafts, fun food - its not easy. He's not easily impressed anymore. You see, during the week he has a dedicated staff catering to his every whim. No one is dragging him to the grocery store or the bank or making him sit quietly in a restaurant. Instead he's at gym class, Kindermusik, story time or the park with his buddies. When he's hungry, thirsty or tired, there is someone there to assuage him that very minute. No one is asking him to wait two more minutes while they finish the laundry or dishes.

With K’s dad working a lot of overtime lately, weekends have been on my shoulders. I've been hanging out with K, and neglecting most everything else. This weekend, I recruited the grandparents so that I could take 15 minutes to get my eyebrows waxed. Yeah, that's not information I like to usually share, but there I was explaining my personal grooming needs to my parents, siblings, friends, anyone who could possibly help out... sad. Anyway, it worked, the grandparents met me at the mall and took turns entertaining his royal highness K while I took care of business.

Its kind of a Catch 22, really. I love the fact that during the week, K is entertained, stimulated, educated and cherished by his childcare provider. But, on the weekends, I feel like bad cop because I'm juggling him and all the things on my To Do list that can't be done during the work week. Things are definitely easier when there are two parents around, but even then, trips to Costco with mom and dad can't compete with a day at the zoo with his nanny, Dear A.

The truth of being a working parent is that even weekends with your kid can be a challenge. Our amazing childcare leaves us with big shoes to fill. The thing is, I wouldn't have it any other way. He's got his whole life to look forward to weekends and I guess I'm hoping he'll be looking forward to some of those weekends with me.

And... the winner of last weeks Earth Day/Freebie Friday giveaway is Sandra Dorey! Sandra, I'll email for you info today. Don't forget to check out this weeks Friday's post, I have another great giveaway for kids and parents or nannies!


Carrie Fanai said...

Hey Sho - it's no different for stay at home parents either, we are doing the entertaining and the household chores and trying to work all at the same time with the kids. Kids get use to doing errands with us, they don't have a choice. I think it's good for them to understand that life isn't a 24-7 party. There's time for fun and there's time for work, it's finding the balance that's challenging. What balance? You're not bad cop, you're a mom! And a pretty great one I'm quite sure. Welcome to mommy guilt! Try having a couple more rug rats, it gets even more crazy!

Shorty said...

Thanks Carrie! I'm always learning from moms like you!

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