07 May 2010

WTFriday? Nanny and the $5000 pots

Today's Friday FAQ is more of a WTF?!! A reader passed on this little tidbit and I wanted to share:

Apparently, several nannies in our area have been solicited to buy $5000 cooking pots. While I'm not questioning the quality of the pots, I'm sure they're very shiny(?!) I was shocked that nannies are being convinced to lay down $145/month for 7....yes .....7 years for the set. 

The nannies have also been asked to host "cookware parties", under the assertion that they can earn money from the sales. (Not even going to get into whether that would violate live-in caregiver or foreign worker regulations.)

Anyway, all of the Filipina nannies I know are fantastic cooks, and love nothing more than a huge gathering with lots of food. (I've included a photo from a recent birthday I attended. Yes, I am one of those weirdos that take pictures of food. Whatever.) Anyway, I'm a bit concerned that some folks out there are taking advantage of this.

I'm not naming the business here (for fear of being sued or something) but a quick Google of 'cookware parties' and 'scams' will give you any further info you need. Seems like this company has been going strong since the 1950s. Just found another market I guess. Anyway, maybe mention to your nanny that you can buy other great pots for much less, and that income from 'sales' might have tax/work implications.

Happy Mother's Day... I hope you don't get pots!

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