09 May 2010

Nanny Saves Mother's Day

I was feeling pretty sorry for myself today. Let’s just say the day involved way more work and arguing that I had envisioned. The Terrorist Twos are raging in our house.

Just before we were sitting down to a total cop out, feeling sorry for myself, fast-food dinner, our nanny, Dear A, came to wish me a happy Mother’s Day. She gave me a simple card that blew me away; inside, she thanked me for being a great friend, sister and mother to her.

I was surprised by her emotion and by mine. Her card was the first unprompted, unexpected gesture all day. Most everything else today, by me or anyone else, had felt like a bit of a ‘should’. Not that I anticipated otherwise, I’m kind of jaded about Mother’s Day. I think we need to recognize being a mom is hard work everyday. And, be a bit easier on ourselves and each other everyday, instead of saving it all up for some Hallmark holiday.

Anyway, once I got over the surprise of it. I thought about what she had written. Dear A’s card reminded me of something else inherent in Mother’s Day: that caring for someone, anyone, makes you a better person.  After I had my son K, I felt like some kind of switch was triggered making me extra sensitive to the cries of children in the mall. Now, I never walk past a child standing alone. I stop to help people who look like they need directions. In my mind, everyone is someone’s child.

So, I’m going to try to think of Mother’s Day in that light from now on. Everyone needs ‘mothering’ now and then. Let Mother’s Day remind you of that, and go out and spread your amazing “mom”ness around.

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