20 May 2010

In My Mind, I'm Much More Important

K woke up to his grandparents today.  Its Day 1 of our vacation, and K's home with his Didi (grandma) and Dadu (grandpa.)

I was so worried about K's potential morning meltdown that I wrapped up 6 surprises for him, one for each morning we're gone. Each bag is numbered, and I explained that when he opens #6, we'll come home. Inside the surprises range from a inflatable "Diego" to giant sunglasses. (Thank goodness for the Dollar Store!)

All that effort, time and care... for naught. K woke up this morning, asked for me, cried for about 20 seconds and then completely forgot about us when he got his bottle and Thomas the Train.

When I called home around 8:30am. He said "Hi Momma" and "Thank you, lub you." and then gave the phone back to his Dadu so he could finish breakfast.

I guess, that's that. I'm on vacation. K's fine with his grandparents and Dear A. Talk to you in a week!

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Michele said...

Hope that you enjoyed your time away and that the wedding was fun!

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