12 May 2010

Hump Day Distraction - Kula Kilps for Skinnies

** SUPER EXTRA BONUS!! Kula Klips has just offered IWMN readers a 20% discount for the rest of May!! Enter 'sale20' as a promo code at checkout. Yippee!!**

My K is long and lean. I'm in awe of his ab muscles, you can't pinch an inch on the kid. I remember having that body type... waayy back when. Anyway, if you have a skinny kid, you've likely run into the whole flood pants vs low riders issue. K's pants are either too short or too baggy on the waist. Correction - they were! We now use the buckled belts from Kula Klips. They work really well and are super cute! I highly recommend them.

Sorry about the short post today. Work is crazy, we're about to leave on vacation and I used some of my magnificent but limited brain power to submit an article to The Yummy Mummy Club for June's Daddy Month.

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Big Mama said...

Or try gymboree pants- they have elastic waist just like maternity pants.

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