04 May 2010

The NEWMom Manifesto

Watch out world, I’m taking a stand! I’m claiming today the beginning of a NEWMom world! What’s a NEWMom you ask?

A NEWMom is a Nanny Enabled Working Mom. We’re not new, per se, but we’re living a new reality. We aren’t the flaky absent parents from Mary Poppins, or cute but clueless dads from The Nanny or Nanny McPhee. We are rich, 'comfortable', or struggling. We are married, single, divorced or somewhere in between. We are entrepreneurs, public servants, workerbees. We are working moms (and dads) who made the emotional and financial choice to hire a nanny for our kids in order to attain some semblance of work/life balance.

Why the new assertion? Honestly, I’m tired of the bullsh*t I’ve seen lately and don't want to perpetuate it.

If you’ve been following the blog lately, you’ve seen a mom trying to help her peer now scared that she’s going to have to deal with government hoops, you’ve seen the government change rules making it harder to have a nanny, and you’ve seen my struggle with the whole work/life/mom guilt balance.

Well, I'm done with it. I read about a shift in the mommysphere and I like it.

We, you and me, we’re NEWMoms (and NEWDads.) Sure we’ve got issues, who doesn’t? But, we can handle this. I mean come on, we already made the best choice we could for our kids. We are obviously brilliant, so lets get on with it.

Embrace being NEWMoms!

Here’s my 1st NEWMom pledge: I’m giving up up mom guilt. Cold turkey. Even if I have to tattoo it on my ass*, I’m going to remember that K wouldn’t choose anyone or anywhere else. He loves what we’ve got and so should I.

I think we've got a good thing here and I'm going to focus on the that, share what I know, help where I can and I hope you do too.

*Ok, probably not my ass. I avoid looking at it as much as humanly possible. Maybe my arm? Ironically, the best place to tattoo it would be on K. Probably frowned upon though.


Anonymous said...

You could always hire a legal Canadian citizen nanny if you don't like the new regulations on your outsourcing. I don't understand why so many Canadians hire people from outside the country. It seems like too much needless trouble!

Michele said...

Unfortunately, most Canadian nannies demand a lot of money and do the minimum expected.

Keep Calm and Carry On...Yeah, Right. said...

I'm with you! What I am getting tired of is the look you always get when someone finds out you have a nanny. "Must be nice," they always comment, which is usually followed by some lame explanation on my behalf about how it is a financial struggle but it's our only choice. Screw that... yes, it costs money. But it is TOTALLY worth it. My nanny is a member of our family, and she is worth every penny (and more) for the love she gives our son, the healthy meals she provides (and he eats...go figure), and the patience and playfulness she gives to him. And the sanity she gives to me. I think I'm a better mother for having my own work life, AND getting the chance to spend time with my little guy that is free from any work irritations. Thanks for the manifesto!

Shorty said...

Anonymous, I wish it was that easy. We were lucky enough to find a local placement, but Canadian applicants for live-in caregiver positions are few and far between.

Thanks for your comment, I appreciate your candor!

Anonymous said...

We are in the process of getting a nanny now. Due to our work circumstances, it seemed the only option. I love the NEWMom concept since the nanny will enable me to return to a job I love, and let me retain my sanity.

Anonymous said...

We love our nanny! And I have a simple answer to those that comment "Must be nice", I tell them that it is not just nice, but it is wonderful. No guilt, no explanations, no justifications.

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