05 May 2010

In the News - What's a Stay at Home Mom (or Nanny?) Worth?

Interesting article in today's NYTimes.com critiquing Salary.com's annual press release evaluating the market value of a Mom:

Mother's Pay by Nancy Folbre, Economix

After the reading the article, the part that stuck with me - besides the headache I gave myself when I tried to figure out Ms Folbre's numbers and how that might work in Canadian dollars - is the intrinsic value provided by a parent or trusted caregiver. As a NEWMom I'm recognizing that the care, love, and attention Dear A,  K's dad and I provide for K is priceless, and this seems to resonate with a few readers of this blog too (see yesterday's post and comments.)

A few other takes on the article:
A Mother's Worth - The Mama Bee
Happy Mother's Day: Survey says moms worth six figures

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