27 January 2012

Work vs Children Part 2: I Chose My Kids

So, I was laid off yesterday. 

Not relevant, this pic just makes me smile
Its fine. I knew, when I couldn't move into a full-time position with terms & conditions that wouldn't allow me to deal with school pick up and drop off, that they might lay me off. While it always stings a little bit to hear "your services are no longer required," I know its the right thing.

Life is change - the company I spent 7 years with is changing, my kids' needs are changing, and, with her permits, Dear A's needs are going to change too. So, I'm embracing the change and looking forward to the next phase of my working mom life - something that will allow me to still contribute to the economy, my family, help our nanny, and still raise good kids. Tomorrow. Today, I'm giving myself a break to grieve and absorb.

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Big Mama said...

I have had to lay myself off of a job when it didn't fit our family situation. Our girls were having significant needs that I just couldn't meet while working the hours I was. It was hard to sacrifice a job I loved but my kids had to come first. Good luck figuring out what you need to be doing. Here is a big virtual hug for you. Christy

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