12 October 2011

Went to Work, Missed a First of the Last

Another one of those days.... I went to a meeting while Dear A took both kids to the park, and discovered Baby Girl's love for the swing. Apparently she laughed hysterically and cried whenever the swing stopped. Another little personality moment that I didn't get to discover.

I'm sad that I missed this big first and feel like a bad parent because we hadn't thought to try her on the swing yet. Beyond the fact that K hated the swing until about a minute ago, and our expertise is coloured by "the first kid", its the classic working parent thing - you spend all week working and weekends get plugged up with social stuff and errands so you miss out on some of the basics. I'm also wondering if I haven't been delaying trying some of this stuff because I want her to stay a baby. My last baby... yeah, last, I'm pretty sure, no I'm sure...she's the last.

Being able to be home with her, more than I was with K, has been amazing. And that's tough. Its tough to let go of each little baby thing; the newborn onsies are packed away, the food mills gone, and the bassinets been donated. With each step, my last baby is becoming more "last" and less "baby."

06 October 2011

Sidebar: Its My Birthday Today!

Ya, I'm behind on my posts. I've got four drafted, sort of brewing, and I know, I know, I owe you guys the Nanny Q&A too.... but guess what? Its my birthday and instead of "should"ing, I'm doing what I feel like! :-P

Today, I'm not blogging, I'm celebrating! 

Today, I'm 36. I have 2 perfect, PERFECT! kids, a happy marriage (hey, at least we can both see a light at the end of the baby-stress, job-stress tunnel.) I'm employed, and a good, smart worker. I've lost the baby weight. I make sure my family have healthy home cooked meals together almost every night. I have a great relationship with my parents, brother and sister in law. I live in a nice house and am a good neighbour. I volunteer for the food bank, because food has such meaning in my life that I can't bear the thought of others going hungry. I have happy, rescued pets, who's lives are better because of me. I have a best friend and am a good best friend. I keep learning. I am a good connector and try to help people if I can. Oh, and I'm the "Best Mommy Ever":
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