06 October 2011

Sidebar: Its My Birthday Today!

Ya, I'm behind on my posts. I've got four drafted, sort of brewing, and I know, I know, I owe you guys the Nanny Q&A too.... but guess what? Its my birthday and instead of "should"ing, I'm doing what I feel like! :-P

Today, I'm not blogging, I'm celebrating! 

Today, I'm 36. I have 2 perfect, PERFECT! kids, a happy marriage (hey, at least we can both see a light at the end of the baby-stress, job-stress tunnel.) I'm employed, and a good, smart worker. I've lost the baby weight. I make sure my family have healthy home cooked meals together almost every night. I have a great relationship with my parents, brother and sister in law. I live in a nice house and am a good neighbour. I volunteer for the food bank, because food has such meaning in my life that I can't bear the thought of others going hungry. I have happy, rescued pets, who's lives are better because of me. I have a best friend and am a good best friend. I keep learning. I am a good connector and try to help people if I can. Oh, and I'm the "Best Mommy Ever":

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