12 October 2011

Went to Work, Missed a First of the Last

Another one of those days.... I went to a meeting while Dear A took both kids to the park, and discovered Baby Girl's love for the swing. Apparently she laughed hysterically and cried whenever the swing stopped. Another little personality moment that I didn't get to discover.

I'm sad that I missed this big first and feel like a bad parent because we hadn't thought to try her on the swing yet. Beyond the fact that K hated the swing until about a minute ago, and our expertise is coloured by "the first kid", its the classic working parent thing - you spend all week working and weekends get plugged up with social stuff and errands so you miss out on some of the basics. I'm also wondering if I haven't been delaying trying some of this stuff because I want her to stay a baby. My last baby... yeah, last, I'm pretty sure, no I'm sure...she's the last.

Being able to be home with her, more than I was with K, has been amazing. And that's tough. Its tough to let go of each little baby thing; the newborn onsies are packed away, the food mills gone, and the bassinets been donated. With each step, my last baby is becoming more "last" and less "baby."

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