29 July 2011

Top 5 "You Didn't Know You Needed" Items for New Moms

If you've looked at my blog roll (on the side) or a few of my previous posts, you know that I'm a Yummy Mummy Club fan. This week they're sharing some Top 5 lists: Top 5 Purse Essentials When You Have Kids, Top 5 Yummy Summer Reads, which I thought were great.

Inspired I thought I'd share my own Top 5 "You Didn't Know You Needed" Items for a New Mom.

Now, I'm not thinking about big baby gifts here, I mean, the 5 things that every new mom needs to keep in her purse/diaper bag and wouldn't probably think to buy for herself. Gathered from the zillion times I've thought to myself, "Ergh. I forgot..."

 Number 5: Mini Deodorant & Travel Toothbrush/Toothpaste
Hit the drugstore for the mini versions, grab a couple of each to stash in the diaper bag or car. There's something sleep deprivation that messes with basic hygiene rituals. I can't count the number of days I've wondered "Did I shampoo my hair?" or realized, as I'm sweatily heaving a stroller out of the car that I forgot deodorant... and I stink.

Number 4: Travel Mug
Sleep deprivation needs caffeine, and when you're balancing a baby, diaper bag, keys, maybe another kid or two, or a dog, or laundry, it means a travel mug. I recommend buying two. And make sure they're unbreakable and sealable. Confession: I even take mine into the shower sometimes... pathetic multitasking, I know. My favorite is this stainless version from Starbucks.

Number 3: Dry Shampoo & Good Brush
Waaay back when I was younger, we used to use baby powder as a dry shampoo, and to make our bangs really big & poufy. It worked great for my blond girlfriends, not so much for me. Well, that's changed, now you can hit Sephora for a can of this awesome Oscar Blandi dry shampoo and a nice hair brush too. Both are lifesavers when you have to stretch one more day without a shower!

Number 2: 60-Second Nail Polish
After 3 odd months of not being able to see your feet, and likely another 2 of not being able to comfortably reach them, its nice to be able to manage a pedicure. And then your kid/dog/hubby steps on it and smudges it. My best find for this summer has been the new Revlon quick drying polish.

Number 1: Scarves
Scarves are a lifesaver, get at least two. I like lightweight printed ones in the summer, bright faux pashminas for the winter. These pretty outfit brighteners are my super secret mommy weapon! You can use a scarf to cover food stains, discreetly nurse, block the sun/wind/rain and play peek-a-boo. 

So there you go! I suggest packing all of this into a cute re-usable grocery bag for a baby shower gift!

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