26 July 2011

Sharing on Strollers (also on Calgary CBCRadio News)

I was interviewed today about "posh" strollers and had to admit that I have four. Yes. Four. Four brand name strollers.

I realize this doesn't help the "rich spoiled mom with a nanny" perception. While I was answering the reporter's question, I kept thinking, "Don't sound like a spoiled brat! ...Do I sound like a brat?" I'll have to wait until tomorrow to find out (and you can to, just listen for a piece about strollers on CBC Radio during tomorrow's News segment.) However the interview turns out, I thought I'd share my thoughts here.

When we got pregnant and started looking for a stroller, I did some research and realized a few things:
  • My stroller needs were going to be different from our nanny's
  • I didn't want to buy a new larger car to fit a stroller, nor could I afford one
  • I had to define and stick to a budget; and
  • I am a snob. 

That's how I ended up with four strollers. When we were having the 2nd kid, I actually got up to five strollers but sold one on Kijiji. (which by the way is also how I found my jogging stroller last week: one day on Kijiji, and it cost me 1/3 the original price.) I actually bought each one of my strollers 2nd hand, or on sale, discounted because it was the floor display.

So, yes, I have four strollers:
  • A lightweight umbrella stroller that Dear A uses to take K to the zoo, on transit etc
  • A lightweight stroller that I leave in the car and use for holding the baby bucket
  • A double, but still lightweight, stroller for when hubby or I are travelling with both kids and finally, 
  • A double jogging/bicycle carrier for both kids when we're outdoorsy
While I'm snobby enough to prefer muted color strollers over traditional pastel prints when the reporter was asking about luxury strollers (Bugaboo's Donkey for example) I told her that I hadn't been able to justify that expense. But, considering I have about $1000 worth of strollers, I started to think maybe I should have gone for the deee-luxe brand name one I secretly coveted. Then I remembered Dear A. There are quite often days when we each have a kid, travelling in different ways to different locations. So, nope, I was right, we need more than one stroller right now. Ask me again in 6 months... or better yet, look on Kijiji!

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