12 September 2014

Well Hello There Stranger....

Its not that I've stopped wanting my nanny. It is the opposite actually. This past year we have been nanny-less. Not only nanny-less actually, but also sitter-less, family-less and for a long time even friend-less. We moved to a new city and left all of our support system behind. Its been... well its been hard.

After pushing myself hard for a year, on two practically full-time contracts, which left me no time think let alone reflect on our childcare situation, we moved to DC. I stopped working a month before the move and spent my time trying to get us organized. Then, I became the primary caregiver for my 2 kids in a new city, in a new country.

I've now finished my first year as a full time mom. Both kids are attending school for at least some of the week, and I've got some time to breathe.


We made it! I made it! A year of new house, new school, new friends, new grocery stores, different weather, new health care (!!!) plus the whole thing of never having a kid in full-time school and all the parent/student/activity/volunteer stuff that entails. Its amazing, when I think back on it.

So today, I'll think back....

Mother's Day card, yes,  I'm holding a present and a coffee.

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