20 September 2011

Q&A With A Nanny - Not Yours, Don't Worry!

One of the reasons I love Twitter (at shosized) is that I've made some random new friends. One of them is a very cool nanny from the Edmonton area (read her blog here) who's agreed to do a little Q&A for me.

So here's your chance to find out why some one would agree to look after your demon spawn for a living....

Email (shosized at hotmail dot com) or tweet (at shosized) me your questions by September 30th and stay tuned for the Answers Post!


Big Mama said...

Why does my nanny avoid doing jobs around the house that are part of her responsibilities?

Anonymous said...

There's been 8 or 9 times that I've came home from work 10 or so minutes late and our nanny goes ballistic! Usually I'll have that evening's dinner in hand or groceries we needed. How can we smooth this over? Every time I bring up paying her for the extra 1/4 hour, she just mumbles 'that's not the point'.

Shorty said...

Awesome questions, both, we'll tackle them in the Answer Post! I may even try to convince @thenannybyday to do a live chat on Twitter next!

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