11 June 2012

Keeping Up with the Jones'...Nanny

Well, here's something I'd never considered:
I'm now spending money to keep my nanny, and kids, up with the other nannies & kids.

So far this year, I've bought a zoo membership, a science centre membership and a half dozen tickets to the theatre & other activities. I haven't been to the zoo or the new science centre. I took my kids to one show - the other two, they saw with Dear A and other nanny-ed kids.

It sucks that I don't get to go as often as Dear A does.

And it kind of feels like a double-whammy that we've bought these memberships so K can see his friends. We're lucky that we can budget for it, but its definitely a choice.

I shouldn't complain, and I'll try not to. I'll try to focus on all the great stuff he's seeing and learning. I mean, at least he's out of the mall play park right?
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